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The Texas Band Director Yellow Board

Texas Yellow Board

What is the Yellow Board?

Have you ever needed advice about brass pedagogy?  Has there been a time when you needed one missing part to a piece of music you were working on?  What about advice on contracts?  Music selection advice?

The Texas Yellow Board is a great online source of information from colleagues with zero to fifty years of experience from all over the state of Texas.  All you have to do is go to:

Just post your question and wait for responses.  Most of the time, you will get very timely and expert advice.  However, from time to time there will be snarky comments.  Just consider the source and focus on the good information you will receive.

Now, get informed and have fun on the Texas Yellow Board.

Let’s talk about SIGHT-READING!

The Sight-Reading portion of the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest in Texas is sometimes both misunderstood and maligned by some band directors.  While the sight-reading committees do an amazing job of selecting the music, from time to time directors have had concerns about the appropriateness of the music for their particular group.


Who decides what the sight-reading music will be for all six levels each year?


There are three Sight-reading Music Selection committees consist of five members with individual members serving a two-year term in Texas.  Two members rotate off one year and the other three members rotate off the following year to provide consistency in the process.  Expectations for these three committees varies slightly to support the unique priorities of the band, choir and orchestra sight-reading procedures.

When selecting music for the various levels, decisions are made in terms of range, rhythm and length. In some cases the scores are returned to the composers for modifications. Once this step of the process is met the scores are sent to the committee members for their careful and thoughtful review.

After months of collaboration and evaluation, a final committee meeting during the Texas Bandmasters Association Convention in San Antonio results in a final approval and the scores are submitted to an editor for formatting and part extraction.

Additional information from the University Interscholastic League Constitution and Contest Rules: